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The primary ingredient used in Nuvigil is armodafinil, but since the expiry of the patent on it, there are now new licensed and approved medicine. A generic drug is a treatment that uses the same recipe as a brand name original but sells it under a different name and price. This process is entirely legal, provided the patent on it is expired. In this case, the patent on Nuvigil expired in 2010.

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Generic treatments are very competitive to an existential level, as they use the same formula with the intent to replace the original. Because of this, they are sold at a much more competitive price. Generic treatments are also often paired with online pharmacies, like us, which give them several other advantages over the classic brand name pill.

Do you want to get your armodafinil tablet without a prescription? It might even be that your work hours make it difficult to find time to buy the medicine? Perhaps your performance at work is dipping and you need something to help you perform better? Whatever it is, keep reading because you are in the right place. We not only provide armodafinil, but we will also ensure that you know everything a first-time buyer needs to know before they start using the treatment.

What is Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is a nootropic, a group of substances that are often called smart drugs. These substances have become wildly popular for their ability to boost cognitive skills, like memory, focus and creativity. They also help its users be more motivated, and it draws out the best in them to be at their most intelligent.

However, there are several nootropics, and not all of them are necessarily a medication. Some of the most common nootropics that you most likely have in your home are caffeine (coffee), L-theanine (tea), and nicotine (cigarettes).

In addition to the boosted cognitive ability, nootropics are also wakefulness-promoting agents. Because of its ability to help keep its users awake, there are several medicines, like armodafinil, to allow users to function at their best, even if they have a sleep disorder causing them to have trouble resting.

Other nootropic medicines similar to armodafinil include modafinil (Provigil), amphetamines (Adderall), and methylphenidate (Ritalin).

The result is more important than the process for a substance to be categorised as a nootropic. Although all nootropics are different, and their mechanisms of action differ, they all have the same effects on their user, a feeling of wakefulness and a vitalised mind.

What is Armodafinil Used for?

Armodafinil is usually prescribed to patients struggling with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea (OSAHS), or shift work disorder (SWSD). Still, the medicine has fantastic off-label uses. These off-label uses are what makes it so sought after, even in people who do not have any of the above-mentioned sleep disorders.

Narcolepsy is when the brain is unable to regulate sleeping patterns. This results in the host falling asleep suddenly and often at inappropriate times.

OSAHS is defined as a condition that causes the airways to collapse during sleep, causing the patient to stop breathing. This happens several times during the night and can disrupt sleep.

SWSD is when someone works unordinary hours, disrupting their internal clock as they have trouble adjusting to the new sleeping schedule. The disrupted internal clock can result in difficulty sleeping and staying awake.

However, the off-label use is what makes armodafinil so impressive. It can indirectly help patients with cancer and multiple sclerosis, as it can help them deal with the severe fatigue related to it. The medicine also has several benefits, like improving mood and lightening certain psychological conditions. Additionally, armodafinil helps sharpen the mind, allowing users to perform at their best.

How Armodafinil Tablets Work

Nootropics have very similar results, but how they get there often vary greatly. Caffeine, for instance, makes its consumer feel less tired by blocking adenosine neuroreceptors. This results in the user feeling less fatigued. 40 to 300 mg result in increased alertness and attention while decreasing reaction time.

L-theanine increases alpha brainwaves, which has a solid link to creativity. These effects show from 50 mg up, and if the user has 200 mg, it will cause calming impact without making the user drowsy. Nicotine improves motor function and helps increase attention span. However, it is not recommended, as the substance is highly addictive.

Armodafinil is one of the most potent nootropics with one of the most complicated mechanisms of action. Although we know that the treatment affects the central nervous system and affects the dopamine production of the user, the exact mechanisms of action are still unknown.

According to an Oxford study, the cognitive benefits and its ability to cause a feeling of wakefulness have minimal effect on the mood of the user. Additionally, the side effects are also judged to be very mild.

Armodafinil vs Ritalin

Although armodafinil and Ritalin (methylphenidate) have similar results, they have different purposes. The former is used to treat sleep disorders, like narcolepsy, while Ritalin is primarily used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Some people use both of these treatments in parallel to get a boosted effect from using them both. When using both treatments together, there is a delay in the onset of armodafinil by about one hour, but no other known interactions accompany it.

However, both methylphenidate and armodafinil could be habit-forming, and the user could experience withdrawal symptoms for discontinuing the use of the treatment. Withdrawal symptoms are defined as an abnormal occurrence that follows when a user abruptly stops using a medicine. These occurrences can be physical or psychological, like sweating, anxiety, vomiting, muscle pains and several other symptoms.

To avoid withdrawal symptoms, you can lower the dosage strength of the medicine gradually over several days or weeks until you no longer need the medication. This process is called a tapering off period.

As a whole, if you want to compare which treatment is better for you, it would depend on your age. As armodafinil is overall a superior medicine, according to reviews, there has been no research to test if it is safe for children.

Armodafinil Dosage Guide

Take your armodafinil tablet with a tall glass of water about one hour before you go to work, and take the treatment every day at the same time. It will take effect shortly after consumption and remain in the system for about 20 hours. As such, it is advised to only take a single dose daily, as having a second dose before it is entirely expelled from your bloodstream could result in a higher chance of experiencing side effects.

You can have armodafinil on a full or an empty stomach without worrying about consequences. However, having it on an empty stomach would avoid any factors resulting in a delayed onset. In that same breath, research suggests that having it on a full stomach could allow the medicine to display its peak effects for longer, but it will take longer for the treatment to kick in.

To ensure the treatment does not lose its effectiveness, store it away from moisture, excess heat, and away from direct sunlight. The treatment is purely meant for adult use, and as such, should be kept out of reach from children. The ideal storage would be locked away in a cupboard above ground level in your bedroom, still in the container the armodafinil came in.

It Safe to Take Armodafinil Long Term?

Yes, provided that the usage guide is followed, users can use armodafinil for a long time. Users can safely use it for over six months, and it is perfectly safe as it is certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Being FDA approved carries a lot of weight considering how thorough they are during their testing and review process on all medicines they give their support. Of their 12-step process, the first four phases are all testing and reviewing to ensure the treatment in question is safe and effective.

After the initial testing, they also inspect the label and manufacturing facilities. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure transparency regarding the treatment contents and to check if the creation and storage process is sanitary.

Armodafinil is generally well-tolerated even in users who struggle with bipolar disorder and depression. Even among users who suffer from other phycological disorders, like mania, anxiety and insomnia, the treatment does not worsen any of those conditions. The most common side effects were headaches, insomnia and anxiety, but no severe adverse effects were noted.

The Benefits of Armodafinil?

Armodafinil is a potent nootropic that can help users feel more awake and sharpen their minds. These effects are ideal for treating several sleep disorders that could be putting your career at risk. Additionally, the results last for long enough to help carry you throughout the day with minimal risk of any side effects manifesting.

Additionally, chemotherapy is a long, arduous process that causes several side effects that make it difficult to remain strong. Fortunately, because it eases fatigue, armodafinil can help cancer patients.

However, arguably the most significant advantage to using armodafinil is its availability. The treatment is a generic medication that can be obtained through online pharmacies, like us. A generic medicine is generally far more affordable than its brand name counterpart, and when buying it through online pharmacies, the user does not need a prescription.

Online pharmacies also have several advantages over the high-street that affect the price of the items they supply. For instance, online pharmacies conduct their business purely online, and as such, they do not need to pay rent on prime business real estate. With fewer costs, the markup on the product we sell is lower as well. Additionally, we can also provide excellent deals that can help reduce the price of the product even further.

Why Buy Armodafinil Online?

Although it is possible to get armodafinil from your local pharmacy, it would require a bit of time and effort. High-street pharmacies do not stock any generic armodafinil, so you can only buy the brand name Nuvigil from them.

To buy Nuvigil, you need to first arrange for an appointment with your doctor to get a prescription, which could take a few hours, including waiting in line and the drive there and back. After getting your prescription, you only have permission to buy the treatment. Next, you need to go to the drug store and get your medicine.

Although the process is not inherently unpleasant, the price is. Paying for an appointment with a medical professional just to get permission, then paying for an overpriced brand name treatment at full price.

Buying armodafinil can be much easier and more affordable when done online. No prescription is needed, and your parcel will be delivered to your front door in unlabelled packaging, as one of the measures taken to ensure your privacy. Our online pharmacy also includes a discount system that encourages bulk sales by charging less per pill the more you buy.

Buy Armodafinil Online

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If you encounter any problems with our product or its delivery, please contact our 24/7 customer support centre. Our customer support team is fully trained and equipped to ensure they can assist you with any enquiries regarding your treatment.

Order your Armodafinil today and take advantage of your improved work performance to get a leg up on your colleagues.

Updated: 13th February 2022
Review Due: January 2023

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