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Bitcoin for Free Pills and Free Delivery

Purchase Bitcoin with your debit/credit card (Visa Card or MasterCard) and earn free medication and free home delivery!

  • Buy 30 pills and get free delivery!
  • Buy 60 pills and get 10 x free pills & free delivery!
  • Buy 90 pills and get 20 x free pills & free delivery!
  • Buy 120 pills and get 30 free pills & free delivery!


  • Buy 140 pills or more and get 40 x free pills & free delivery!

What is Bitcoin?

It can basically be thought of as a foreign currency – but digital.

Buying bitcoin is as easy as setting up an online bank account like Revolut or Starling – all you need is a valid ID, email address and a smartphone / laptop.

By following the three simple steps below you too can benefit from extra free pills as well as free delivery to all areas!

How it Works

  • Once you have your ID ready (driving license / Passport) simply go to coinbase and create a Bitcoin account.
  • Follow the prompts to verify your photo ID then you will be able to add a Visa or MasterCard and buy Bitcoin.
  • Fund your new Crypto wallet with Bitcoin by converting £50 or £100 from your Visa/MasterCard balance to your Bitcoin balance.

Paying with Bitcoin

To pay using Bitcoin, simply place your order as normal and select Bitcoin at the checkout stage. Instead of sending you an email containing bank details we will send you a slightly different email containing a unique Bitcoin wallet address to make payment for your order.

Other Benefits of Bitcoin

Besides the free pills and free delivery, Bitcoin transactions are instant which enables us to verify payments and dispatch orders much faster than bank transfer payments.

In addition to this, Bitcoin payments are made directly to us and therefore your bank only knows that you bought Bitcoin and the medication purchase remains confidential.

Helpful YouTube Video Tutorials

Thankfully nowadays there are 100s of videos that outline each step of the set-up and verification process and even videos on how to send crypto from your wallet to a friend or business! Here are a few videos that we found particularly helpful:

Video 1 :How To Create & Verify Coinbase Account Instantly

Video 2 :Coinbase Sign Up: How To Create/Open Coinbase Account 2022 (for iPhone)

Video 3 :Coinbase Learn: How to send crypto

Still Need Help?

If you have any questions about the process, we will be happy to help – please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance via live chat or email!

Donna Riddell – Jul 03, 2023
Very fast and easy to use, the one time I did have a problem they called me and settled it straight away and sent me an extra box to make up for the mix up
Andy Ashton – Jun 13, 2023
I have used this website many times and have never once been let down. Everything has always been spot on.
Joanne Bird – Jun 12, 2023
I’ve use u in the past and have always been very good and I’ve happy to come to u cause u look after me too hope to hear of u soon
Matthew Geraghty – Jun 09, 2023
I have been using this service for well over a year now even though I am on other medications the only thing that work effectively are Diazepam and Clonazapam the Doctor and my private nurse know that I am using these these extra medications but are still reluctant to prescribe benzodiazapine's when they are so readily available and not all sites like this one in fact most sites are selling out and out chalk tablets I have always found the Diazepam/clonazapam the best products for many people
Brad – Jun 02, 2023
Fantastic service and great prices keep up the good work you are doing
Frances Bunter – Apr 04, 2023
I buy from you often
Mike ck – Mar 28, 2023
I’m so impressed and the cost is so reasonable
Anthony Ashmore – Mar 12, 2023
This company is the business. I have used the service for 18 months and never had a problem. Within 3 days of placing my order it is delivered, a fast and efficient service. Thank you
Emma Maynard – Feb 16, 2023
Do you sell zopiclone
elaine buchsbaum – Feb 16, 2023
please contact me through email....I have a Coinbase account but I don't have a visa or Mastercard. I will need help setting that up
Tracy Renaud – Feb 15, 2023
Excellent service, I would happily recommend this company.
Charlie Gibbs – Feb 10, 2023
Bought from this website loads of times and they actually send me the Sam brand my pharmacy give me which was extremely comforting as I had never bought online before. So I will be ordering monthly and looking at other products. Fantastic company would recommend to everyone
Jason Reid – Feb 07, 2023
Always a great and eficcient service.

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