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Diazepam Dosage Guide

Diazepam Dosage Guide

This medication can be administered for various conditions:

Muscle spasms
You can take 2 mg to 10 mg of diazepam oral tablets, three to four times a day for muscle spasms. Intravenous or intramuscular administration, with 5 mg to 10 mg dosages, can also be used for the treatment of muscle spasms and repeated every three to four hours.

The usual dose for seizures is the same as the oral dosage for anxiety but the treatment of seizures often requires a route of administration with a faster onset of action and this is via the rectum. Rectal administration involves the use of a dosage equivalent to 0.2 mg per kg of body weight. A second dose may also be given to the patient, if necessary, but at least four to twelve hours after the first dosage.

For patients with status epilepticus (a disorder characterised by a seizure lasting more than 5 minutes or two seizures lasting more than 5 minutes), the intravenous route is preferred but the intramuscular route may be used if the IV method of administration is not available. The initial dose for status epilepticus is 5 mg to 10 mg and may be given in 10-to-15-minute intervals, with a maximum dose of 30 mg.

Those who buy anxiety medication in the UK, for the treatment of anxiety disorders, are advised to take 2 mg to 10 mg every two to four hours. Oral doses can be adjusted based on the severity of symptoms.

For moderate anxiety disorders, a 2 mg to 5 mg dose can be administered, via the intramuscular or intravenous route, and repeated every three to four hours, if required. The aforementioned dosage may be increased to 5 mg to 10 mg for more severe cases of an anxiety disorder.

What is Diazepam?

Recommended Dosage of Diazepam

  • The recommended dosage of these anti-anxiety tablets is to be taken by mouth. The pills are to be swallowed with a glass of water and in whole form. This means that the proper use of the medicine does not involve chewing or crushing the tablets. It is recommended that you do not take these tablets more often than you should, for longer than you ought to or against medical advice.
  • When using the oral solution, you should measure the dosage using the medicinal dropper included in the packaging. You can mix the dose of oral solution with water, juice or other beverages before you consume it. You can also add the medication to a semisolid food, such as applesauce. The entire mixture of oral solution is to be taken at once and not saved for later.
  • When using the rectal forms of this medicine, the suppositories should be unwrapped from the packaging and inserted into the rectum. The rectal tubes are to be administered in a similar manner but you should take caution not to allow the rectal gel to leak out of the rectum after administration.
How does Diazepam work

Diazepam Dosage for Insomnia

  • Insomnia may, in certain circumstances, be related to anxiety disorders. In fact, the relationship between these two health disorders is evident. Symptoms of anxiety can be experienced by those suffering from insomnia, much like insomnia can be a symptom of an anxiety disorder.
  • A diazepam dosage, administered at bedtime, can be useful for the management of the symptoms of a sleep disorder, such as insomnia. The recommended dosage is 5mg of this medication, prior to retiring to bed, but this can be increased depending on the severity of the condition.
  • If you are using Valium anti-anxiety medication on a regular basis and you forget to take a scheduled dosage, you should skip the forgotten dose and resume with your treatment schedule at the next planned dosage. You should not take two doses at once to make up for a missed one.

Diazepam Dosage Strengths

This therapeutic is available as tablets, capsules, solutions, ampoules, injections, suppositories and rectal tubes and in the following strengths:

Diazepam Dosage
  • You can buy diazepam online and the dosages are typically packaged as small, white to off-white tablets. These tablets are similar in appearance to the 5 mg dosages, but are yellow in colour. The 10 mg doses of this medicine are generally blue tablets, packaged in a blister pack. You can identify the pills based on the imprinted code or colour. Some manufacturers do not use colours and therefore all dosages are the same colour.
  • The different formulations of this therapeutic can be used for children, above the age of six months. This is of particular significance in cases where paediatric patients suffer from epilepsy or convulsions, and muscle spasms.
  • The suppositories are a preferred formulation for children, especially when they are unable to swallow oral tablets. The rectal route of administration is also more favourable in cases where a rapid pharmacological response is necessary. This can include situations where the child is experiencing a convulsion and requires immediate treatment.
  • Furthermore, a suppository after a febrile seizure (a convulsion, experienced by a child, which is brought on by a high fever) can reduce the incidence of recurrent seizures (Hirabayashi et al., 2009). Febrile seizures, although they are short-lived, can have injurious effects on a child. This can include the child choking on the saliva in the mouth or injuries due to falling. A diazepam dosage can be useful in reducing the occurrence of these seizures and in decreasing the risk of accidental injury associated with the convulsion as well.
Diazepam Side Effects

Diazepam and Alcohol

To analyse this, we can first ask the question: What is Diazepam Classified As?
Diazepam is classified as a benzodiazepine and the action of this class of psychoactive medicines causes a depression of the central nervous system (CNS). Likewise, alcohol is also classed as a CNS depressant. When used concomitantly, the effects of both these substances can result in unwanted and debilitating diazepam side effects. One of the most prominent interactions of these substances includes the slowing down of an individual's respiratory system. Those with the disorder, sleep apnoea, are particularly cautioned against the concordant use of these substances.

How Does Diazepam Work When Taken with Alcohol?
This benzodiazepine works by enhancing the inhibitory effects of GABA but when used with alcohol, this action is intensified and may lead to increased intoxication. This means that the calming, relaxing or sedating effects of both these substances can be amplified to a point where it can cause serious impairments in judgement and co-ordination.

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