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Galenika Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin is a benzodiazepine class of drug and is known as an anti-epileptic or anti-convulsant medication. Originally developed for the management of seizures, the medication has also proved an effective treatment for anxiety and associated disorders such as panic attacks and the movement disorder akathisia.

Clonazepam was originally introduced to the market by the pharmaceutical company Hoffman La Roche as the brand Klonopin. Generic Clonazepam versions of this medication including Galenika Rivotril are formulated with the same active ingredient and work exactly the same way.

A seizure is defined as an unexpected or uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. Seizures generally occur when normal brain signals are interrupted by irregular electrical signals. Anything that has an effect on the connection between nerve cells in the brain is regarded as a seizure and approximately 1 in 100 people will experience an unprovoked seizure during their lifetime.

The increased demand for therapeutic medicines such as Klonopin has led to the rise in generic brands such as Rivotril. Although this medication contains the exact same active ingredient and is as equally effective, the inactive ingredients, size and colour of the tablet may vary. The main difference between these 2 different versions of the same medication is the price. Genetic medication manufacturers avoid the huge costs associated with a new medication and pass these savings on directly to their customers.

What is Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin for?

Rivotril is a trusted treatment for both myoclonic seizures and acute seizures. Myoclonic seizures are brief shock like jerks or seizures of a muscle or group of muscles. Acute seizures (1 or more seizures lasting for 5 minutes or longer) or provoked seizures are a metabolic disturbance at the time of an acute insult to the central nervous system.

As well as being effective for the treatment of seizures, Rivotril is a highly regarded anti-anxiety medication. The active ingredient in this medication is clonazepam which as advised earlier is a benzodiazepine class of medication. Benzodiazepines are specifically designed to treat various anxiety disorders as well as the root cause of the anxiety.

Panic disorder and certain partial seizures share many common signs and symptoms, these include anxiety, fear and tension. The similarities between these mental health disorders cannot be underestimated and the difficulty in differentiating the symptoms results in a misdiagnosis in some cases.

The calming properties of this medication make it an ideal treatment for the management of movement disorders such as akathisia. This condition is characterised by the inability to remain still, along with an internal feeling of restlessness.

What is Clonazepam?
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How to Take Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin?

When taking clonazepam 2 mg patients are advised to carefully follow the usage instructions that come with the medication. Where the usage instructions have not been supplied users can access dosage and usage instructions from the NHS. This medication can be taken with or without food but meals high in fat can delay the onset of this medication.

Rivotril 2 mg should be swallowed whole with a glass of water. To swallow the tablet, you can simply place it on the tongue, towards the back of the mouth, and swallow whole with a drink of water. If patients experience stomach discomfort, then it is recommended to take this medication after food. If the stomach pains persist patients should speak to their GP or medical specialist.

Patients taking this medication over an extended period are recommended to implement a dosage schedule, this involves taking the medication at approximately the same time each day. By maintaining a regular dosage schedule patients benefit from not missing any dosages, this in turn helps the body to maintain regular levels of GABA that reduce anxiety and ward off seizures.

Clonazepam Dosage

How Does Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin Work?

Living with the constant fear that a seizure or fit can strike at any time can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and lead to a deterioration of mental health. The inability to face social situations due to this fear and the fear of not being in control of your body can even lead to difficulties sleeping including Insomnia.

Rivotril 2 mg is a benzodiazepine that works by increasing the production of the bodies naturally occurring chemical, gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is known to promote feelings of calmness and relaxation, helping with both seizures and anxiety. When a Rivotril 2 mg tablet is consumed, the active ingredient, clonazepam binds with the GABA receptors and increases the effectiveness of the naturally occurring chemical.

How does Clonazepam work

Is Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin Safe for Everyone?

Yes, as this medication is licensed and approved it is considered as perfectly safe. Like all medications patients are strongly advised to read the patient information leaflet before beginning a course. Manufacturers of generic medication like the one mentioned above are required to adhere to the same regulatory guidelines as the patented medication, thus ensuring the safety of both generic and branded medication is the same.

Anxiety is on the increase in England and recent reports suggest that 1 in 6 people report experiencing a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression in any given week. Although this figure is alarmingly high, the total number of unreported cases is said to far exceed this. The occurrence of seizures is also reported to be on the increase with the latest figures revealing that almost 10 people per 1000 are being diagnosed with Epilepsy.

Galenika Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin Side Effects

Like all medicines this medication can cause side effects in some people. Many people suffer no side effects or only minor or unnoticeable ones. Any side-effects experienced from Rivotril will be the same as generic clonazepam as these medications are bioequivalent. Common side effects include;

  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Sleep disturbance including vivid dreams
  • Lightheadedness or dizziness
  • Muscle weakness or fatigue

More serious side effects are rare but patients are advised to speak to a doctor immediately if they experience any of the following;

  • slow, short or shallow breathing
  • If your skin or whites of your eyes turn yellow
  • If you experience amnesia or a sudden loss of remembering things
  • If you begin hearing or seeing things that are not there
  • If you have problem with co-ordination
  • If you have swollen ankles, a racing heartbeat and feel tired (this is a sign of heart problems)
  • If you bruise easily or experience nosebleeds (this is a sign of blood problems)

By closely following the usage and dosage instructions in the patient information leaflet patients can minimize any unwanted side-effects.

Clonazepam Side Effects

Why are Generics like Rivotril 2 mg Cheaper?

Generic medicines such as Galenika Rivotril are cheaper because once a patent for a medication expires (after 20 years) other pharmaceutical companies are allowed to make generic versions of the patented medication. Although generic medications contain the exact same active ingredient and work exactly the same as the branded medication, manufactures of generic medication avoid the huge costs associated with researching, developing, patenting and marketing a new medication.

Founded in the Balkans the Galenika Pharmaceutical company offers a wide range of generic medication throughout Europe. The increasing popularity of this medication has made it more readily available and patients in the UK are now able to access these high quality generic medications thanks to online pharmacies. Other anxiety medications made by this manufacturer include Ksalol 1 mg Xanax and Bensedin 10 mg diazepam.

Online pharmacies do not have the extraordinary overheads that traditional high street chemists have. By offering choice medications and removing the need to visit the GP or Chemist, online vendors are redefining the way we get our medicine. Simply put they offer licensed and approved medications, prescription free and at the very best prices.

Buy Rivotril 2 mg Klonopin or Another Generic

Perhaps you are suffering from seizures and have difficulty managing the condition? Or maybe panic attacks are stopping you dead in your tracks? Whatever the condition, visit our established online pharmacy and select from the best available generic medication.

At, customers can buy anxiety medication in the UK, along with a wide range of sleeping pills and painkillers. Customers that decide to buy clonazepam in the UK from our website are not required to provide a prescription. Additional benefits to buying this medication online include;

  • Privacy - Many people who buy medication online in the UK do so, because they prefer to keep personal health problems private. Buying medicines such as Rivotril online takes away the need to talk to doctors, receptionists, and chemists.
  • Price Check - Online pharmacies are renowned for being able to offer their customers far better prices than standard high street retailors and chemists.
  • Personalized Delivery - Nothing could be more fantastic then not needing to leave your house in order to get your medication which is why we deliver them to you instead!

We carefully maintain patient privacy and employ the latest encryption technology ensuring safe and secure transactions. All orders are packed from our distribution hub in the UK and are delivered to destinations throughout the UK and Europe. UK orders are delivered within 2 working days with delivery in greater Europe taking 5 - 7 working days.




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