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Lunesta is a sleeping medication manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (previously known as Sepracor Inc.), for the treatment of insomnia. Created in 1984, Sunovion Pharma are an American pharmaceutical company renowned for their safe and effective medications from medications for schizophrenia to treating asthma.

Lunesta, one of their most popular medications, was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December 2004 and launched in April 2005, to treat sleeping disorders. It is a sedative-hypnotic medication that belongs to a group of sleeping tablets called non-benzodiazepines.

What Lunesta is Used For

This medication is approved for the use of treating the symptoms of insomnia. Insomnia is when someone has trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or getting back to sleep after waking too early. Someone who suffers from insomnia may experience disruption to their day-to-day life which can have devastating consequences.

Insomnia can leave you feeling more irritable, which can cause issues in your interpersonal relationships. It can cause daytime sleepiness and lethargy, which can affect work performance. Furthermore, it can also lead to a general feeling of being mentally and physically unwell, which can restrict someone from pursuing any activities outside of work.

In addition to the above, insomnia can be a contributing factor for several conditions. It has been shown that it can play a role in the development of:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

We have been discussing insomnia as if there is only one type. This is not actually the case. Insomnia can be broken down into two different types, acute and chronic insomnia.

Acute insomnia is when the insomnia or sleeplessness lasts for a short period of time, so from a few days up until a few months. This is usually caused by a change in circumstances and lasts until you adjust to the new situation. For example, when starting a new job, stress and anxiety can result in poor sleep until you become accustomed to your new role.

Chronic insomnia is defined when there is a long-term issue with sleeping. Usually someone would have to have issues for three months before being diagnosed with this type of insomnia. This type of insomnia is usually caused by medical conditions, such as the above, and taking certain medications. Chronic insomnia is difficult to treat, especially when the cause is psychological, hence why people often find taking sleeping tablets such as Lunesta so useful.

Is Lunesta the Same as Eszopiclone?

For all intents and purposes, these two medication names are the exact same product. As previously mentioned, Lunesta 2 mg was developed by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., who create it using the active ingredient eszopiclone 2 mg. This is the factor in the medication that makes it work. Some other pharmaceutical companies also manufacture the same medication under the name of the active ingredient only. These products technically should work equally as well as the brand name product by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., as they would also be manufactured in pharmaceutical grade conditions but would not have the same branding.

How Does Lunesta Work?

There are many causes for insomnia, sometimes it is not possible to know exactly the reason why it is happening. Regardless of the cause, people will search for products like Lunesta 3 mg because they know that it will help them to sleep.

Some common causes of this sleep disorder can be:

  • Jet lag
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor nutrition
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Temperature issues
  • Having frequent nightmares

In all these situations, this medication works the same way, as it is a sedative-hypnotic. It helps to enhance a brain chemical called GABA, which increases the relaxation of the central nervous system. The central nervous system is responsible for important factors such as our breathing and heart rate. When these are relaxed, it allows us to drift to sleep.

Before You Buy Lunesta

Before you buy this medication, there are several other things you can try first to help you to sleep. It is advisable to exhaust all the below methods before starting on a course of any sleeping medication:

  • Exercise daily for at least twenty minutes per day. Do not exercise immediately before bedtime, as this can increase adrenaline and make it more difficult to sleep.
  • Try listening to calming music, audiobooks, or sleep hypnosis podcasts. People often find that this option can help in cases of mild insomnia.
  • Try to keep regular sleep hours. Changing the time that you sleep can upset your circadian rhythm (our in-built time keeping device), which can make it more difficult to sleep in general.
  • Do not drink alcohol, caffeine, or smoke before bed. Smoking and especially caffeine are known to increase heart rate, which is the opposite of what you want before you sleep. Although it may seem like it could work to use alcohol to sleep, it often results in a more shallow, disturbed sleep with poorer quality sleep overall.

If you have tried the above and are still struggling, it may be time to start looking to buy eszopiclone in the UK.

How to Use Lunesta

It is important to only take the amount of this medication that you need. When sourcing Lunesta online, it is available in two different strengths, as Lunesta 2 mg and Lunesta 3 mg. If you have mild to moderate insomnia, you should take the former option, if you suffer with a more severe form of insomnia, you should take the latter option.

Regardless of your choice, you should only take one tablet, roughly 30 minutes before bedtime. It should be swallowed whole with water.

Lunesta Side Effects

Before looking to buy Lunesta in the UK or other sleeping pills in the UK, you should first make sure you know about the side effects of this medication. The most experienced side effects are:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea

It is rare to experience any side effects at all with this medication, however some can occur. If you experience the above or any other side effects, you should consult a medical professional depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Buy Lunesta for Insomnia

If you are looking for Lunesta online, then you have arrived at the right place. On the online pharmacy, we have a manner of different quantities of this medication for those looking to buy Lunesta 2 mg in the UK. From only 77p per tablet, you can grab these tablets now to help you sleep, at the best prices possible.

Please note that we would always recommend that you consult a doctor before starting any new course of medication. However, you can at least rest assured that once you are assured these tablets are right for you, you have an easy, discreet way of purchasing them without having to leave your front door.




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